Dust in the Wind

Can you sleep with yourself at night? What have you done during the day that may give you pause at night? Have you given it your best shot during the time you have? Have you done what you think is the right thing to do? Did you help anyone today? Did you cheer someone up? … Continue reading Dust in the Wind


Courage is facing your fears

When most people think of someone who is courageous, they think of firefighters, soldiers, and other people facing extreme danger.  But courage also applies to the agoraphobe who manages to go out into public or the person afraid of spiders who must enter a shed “full” of spiders to get the lawnmower out. Fear can … Continue reading Courage is facing your fears

Changing Seasons, Are You Ready

As the daylight lessens in the northern hemisphere and the leaves change colors, it is once again time to start looking forward to the holiday season.  Halloween is over, Christmas shopping season is starting.  Thanksgiving is lost in the middle.  More on that on another day. The weather is changing also.  Harvest time has passed … Continue reading Changing Seasons, Are You Ready