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A Quick Look at Now

The world is a mess. War in the middle east, disease spreading in western Africa, stocks on a roller-coaster ride, pirates on the east coast of Africa, and many other things going on.

What many people don’t realize is that these things have been happening again and again over the centuries. Most recently, in the 1910’s through the 1930’s when we maintained through WWI, the Spanish Flu, Black Tuesday on Wall Street, and the Great Depression.

Before that there were other instances when the world was in rough waters. It seems to happen at least once every century. And we always seem to muddle through, a little changed, but not unrecognizably so. We will do so again.

Look into the history of the decades and events mentioned. You might be the one to see the solution to the situation we are in now.  And if you do see it, let the rest of the world know.

(Post written in response to request for a 10 minute blog.)


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ADD and ADHD Children Benefit From Learning to Read Early

Many children with ADD/ADHD have language development skills that are weak.  They also find it more difficult to communicate effectively to others what they want and become more easily frustrated because of that.  When frustration sets in, they start daydreaming or acting out.  It is difficult to recognize AD(H)D in infants.  The reason for its development at all is uncertain.  There are many factors suspected in playing a role in the disorder.  Until we rule out the erroneous reasons, we cannot know how to prevent it.  The best we can do at this point is ameliorate it.  One of the ways of doing so is by increasing the child’s ability to communicate.

Language learning is best done when a child is younger than 4 years of age.  After 4 years of age, the myelin (material that insulates neurons) has finished much of its growth, making it more difficult to learn languages.

The longer it takes to get a child started into reading, the harder it is for the child to learn to read.  This is a major point of early learning centers (daycare/preschool).  Any good daycare will not just allow the children to play with toys, but will have helpers sit down with the children for story time.  Any attentive mother (or father) who cares about her/his children should do this at home as well.  The material being read is not as important at earlier ages as much as that the children are seeing a connection between written words and sounds.  In other words, feel free to read the business section of the newspaper aloud to your young child.  It might even help them become business tycoons as adults.  But if you do that you must, and I mean must, do so in a silly voice to keep the child’s attention.  (said with a wink)

Note:  For more on myelin and brain development in normal infants and toddlers search for a study by:  Jonathan O’Muircheartaigh, Douglas C. Dean III, Holly Dirks, Nicole Waskiewicz, Katie Lehman, Beth A. Jerskey, and Sean C.L. Deoni, all of either Brown University or King’s College London.  Or read the press release at:

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To Write, or Not To Write of Edu (“To Be, or Not To Be” rewritten)

To write of edu or not to write on’t?  That is the question.  Whether ‘tis better for the mind to suffer the trials and tribulations of edu malpractice, or to put the pen to paper to oppose it, and by opposing, end it:  To train, to teach once more; and by teaching, to end the heartache and the thousands of drop outs that school is heir to?

‘Tis a higher outcome devoutly to be wished.

To train, to teach, and in teaching perhaps they learn; Aye there’s the rub, for in that classroom toil, what dreams are born; when they have graduated school, what they shall achieve will give us pause.

To teach respectability that lasts a lifetime long;  To teach them to stand tall to the sneers and scorns of lesser minds, to end oppressions wrongs, to be proud even though ridiculed.

To bear the pains of lost contests, to rebuff the bully, no matter his size.  To teach him to think on his own, so that when it’s quiet, his mind will higher rise.

Who would packages bear, grunt and sweat, a day laborers life, never knowing from whence the next meal, and to dread the not knowing.  No, ‘tis better to learn the lessons in school; STEM and Lit, and history of man, to solve the puzzles and cure the ills than to flee the mobs who know not of it.

Thus a higher conscience will subdue the cowardice in us all, and thus the natives of the land shall be suckled by contemplative thought, and enterprise will duly rise with growth through education.  With this regard we must cast our eye and take the name of action.

Soft you now, my fair companion, in thy orisons, be these thoughts remembered.


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